Referring Patients

When you refer a patient to us for participation in a clinical trial, you are providing them with the most current and advanced medical care possible. Before a patient is enrolled in a trial, we review the study with them in detail and encourage they discuss it with friends, family and their family physician. It is the patient’s choice to participate and there are no costs for inquiring about a trial. If the patient decides to enroll in a clinical trial, they maintain the right to withdraw from the trial at any time for any reason with no consequences to the medical treatment they normally receive or their eligibility to participate in other trials. When a patient participates in a trial, we inform their family physician of their involvement.

Participating in Research

Conducting a clinical trial can be very rewarding. A researcher is involved in improving the types of treatments available for a variety of diseases with the main goal of improving the overall quality of life of our patients. We work with many different physicians of varying specialties and are always looking for additional team members. Even if you have no prior research experience, you can work with our team as a co-investigator and learn the processes involved in conducing a clinical trial. Please Contact Us for More Information