Asthma patient gives back

Allan OvingtonKamloops resident Allan Overington recently participated as a patient volunteer in a medical research study on asthma being conducted in Kamloops by Dr. Miranda DuPreez.

The purpose of medical research is the advancement of patient care. Such research is a collaboration which includes patients, doctors, researchers, universities, government and [more].



Spring is Coming! How’s Your Breathing?

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Get more Information On Alzheimer’s

Learn about Alzheimer’s Research that may help you and your family. Dr. David Suzuki’s story on The Nature of Things.

Current Alzheimer’s studies:

Mild  Alzheimer’s

Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s


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If you or a loved one is considering participation in a medical research study, you can have confidence that each is a carefully designed study completed with volunteers who receive investigational treatments at no cost and under the supervision of a qualified physician and other research professionals.

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Even if you have no prior research experience, you can work with our team as a co-investigator and learn the processes involved in conducing a clinical trial.

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